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This is a place for Atlanta LJers to talk about what is going on in the City.


1. No talking about worldly events/politics. There are other communities for that. Please keep discussion to Atlanta-area events/issues only.
2. Feel free to post about any city in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. It really does venture out further than inside the perimeter.
3. DO NOT DISABLE COMMENTS. This is a community - open discussion is key. Any post with comments disabled will be deleted. Continued abuse of this will lead to banning.
4. Long posts or large pictures must be placed behind an LJ-cut.
5. Feel free to use this community to advertise a business or items for sale.
6. Everyone has an opinion. If you are rude and try to pick fights and piss people off, you will be banned.
7. This isn't the atlanta Community. This is for mature people only.

If you have any issues within the community, please feel free to e-mail the maintainers.